Inclusive Design
with Heydon

Design is political, and I'm a leftie. I want to help those working for the many reach the many, with inclusive and cost effective design for the web. This page is about what I offer and how I work.

Spoiler: I'm a designer who works in code.


Inclusive interfaces are clear, consistent, and most of all simple. I can help you define the wording, type, iconography, colors, and all the quanta that form the design language of your project or org's identity. I do this in code, cutting out unnecessary mockup-to-product conversion.

We'll outline a compelling but transparent interface, without the accessibility issues plaguing most digital identities. I believe in performance through design, and build sites that are fast and low cost to access. SVG icons can be so small, they fit inside tweets.

I can normalize and document your current vocabulary, or help you create a fresh one based on your content and research. Deliverables may include:


Interaction is where most web applications fail, and fail hard, for inclusion. But developing both accessible and attractive components is quite possible. As an interaction designer and accessibility engineer, I can show you how.

Working in plain JavaScript, I create and document working prototypes that can be used as-is, or repurposed as you like. I'm happy using the ES5 or ES6/2015 syntaxes — whatever suits you. If you want web components, they're good as well.

My code is terse, performant, and respects progressive enhancement where applicable. I write JavaScript that helps rather than hinders accessibility. Potential deliverables:


Just because you write code doesn't mean you shouldn't think like a designer. My workshop is designed to help front-end developers solve inclusive design problems as they build components.

We spend the day stepping from ideation through prototyping to testing. You go away with the tools, but more importantly the mindset, to build robust and accessible components. I help to make inclusion a part of your organizational competence.

Perhaps you're not looking for a full day of guided hacking, but a talk instead. I've spoken (loudly) about inclusive design, coding, and the web in general at Beyond Tellerrand, Fronteers, Smartweb, Frontend Conf Zurich, and many others.